Redundancy = N + WHAT?!?

Redundancy introduces complexity, so as you add more and more and more devices to your environment that have to fail over and have high availability and have to dynamically reconfigure themselves or whatever else needs to happen for this redundancy, it adds a lot of complexity to your environment.

How Remote Work Is Amplifying the Need for SD-WAN

In the last few months, the shift to working from home has increased an already pressing need for new WAN solutions, with software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) emerging as the clear solution for an increasingly complex networking environment. The early days of the WAN utilized it as a way to connect users from within a […]

Global Business: How Do You Interconnect Your Multiple Locations?

No matter where you are on the planet, unless you are on the exact same network, your users talking to your infrastructure on the exact same network, your networks have to interconnect with each other. They interconnect with each other at an access point, a network exchange point, an interjection point, a peering point, whatever you want to call it. And those networks actually talk to each other.

How Close (or Far) Does Your Datacenter Need to Be?


A question we’ve been asked for over 20 years now is: How close or how far does your datacenter need to be to your business? and the answer is… it depends on you and your business!
Here’s some things that actually influence this decision:

Four Ways Big Data Is Equipping Efforts Against COVID-19

As COVID-19 remains a menacing challenge for public health officials and health care workers, the discouraging news of increasing cases and deaths can be overwhelming. It’s good to get a glimpse into efforts around containing and treating the virus, and, ultimately, getting past the pandemic with a vaccine. Across multiple aspects of the fight against […]

5G Hype vs Reality: How Does it Affect your Business?

If you’ve been on the Internet or watched a piece of media or seen a billboard in the last two years, you’ve seen an advertisement talking about 5G. “5G is coming, 5G is coming, 5G is coming, 5G is here…” Why is this?

10 Things to Consider BEFORE Talking to Tech Salespeople

Occasionally we get asked questions along the lines of, “Why would we work with you and work with a broker versus working directly with the inside salesperson from this company?” And, “Won’t we get better support from that inside salesperson, ’cause they have more control, more leverage over their pricing and they can give us better support?”

Data Center Security: The Safest Approach to Protecting Data

Given the value of the information that companies in every industry store in data centers, data center security becomes a high priority. From anomaly detection to physical security, predictive analytics to disaster recovery solutions, data centers today are tasked with keeping up with the latest technologies to safeguard information. Detecting Threats Machine learning is something […]

Struggling with the Security of your Remote Workforce? Here’s What You Can Do

Work-from-anywhere exposes a lot of things: there’s been a lot of conversation coming up related to corporate culture and communications and these ad hoc conversations and water cooler chats and all these different things.

From an IT department work-from-anywhere can become a logistical nightmare and it doesn’t need to be!

Does Your Business have Shadow IT? You probably do… How do you find it?

How does a “FREE” application turn into a $150K+ yearly expense? If your IT Department doesn’t know it exists, your IT Department can’t manage it, they can monitor it they can’t make sure it’s secure, they can’t track vulnerabilities against it… They can’t do all the things that your IT Department needs to do for you.