The future of Data, AI and Map Technologies: Google Cloud


Simon Margolis (Director of Cloud Adoption at SADA) flexes his extensive experience with the Google Cloud Platform, and offers key information on the potentially incredible future of data, AI and map technologies. Episode Transcript: INTRO: [00:00] Welcome to the Tech Deep Dive podcast, where we let our inner nerd come out and have fun getting […]

Long-term Remote Workforce Enablement and Cloud Adoption: what you need to know


I don’t think it’s going to be all or nothing, but what we could see is a very hybrid approach going forward where more and more people are spending part of the week in the office and part of the week remote, something along those lines, and the ones that maybe are very, very efficient and productive working remote may have an option to just come into the office periodically, you know, every other week…

Tech is Essential to your Company – do you need a partner?


In the next five years, more applications will be written than were written in the previous forty years… Think about supporting that. There aren’t enough humans on the planet for us to be able to manage those, the way we’ve done them in the past, and it’s going to have to be done automated.

Three Common Cloud Storage Questions


As data dominates business planning, many enterprises struggle with the sheer volume accumulated and how to store and manage it. Data is being applied to a variety of business uses, including anticipating customer behaviors and streamlining operations, but it can be costly to store. Cloud storage is a good potential solution, but it comes with […]

Moving to the Cloud: why leveraging partners works


More and more companies are moving to the cloud, right? Gartner’s estimating that by 2024, fifty-percent of cloud services deals will include everything from application development services, cloud native, cloud infrastructure, using professional and managed services… Fifty percent. And that’s up from about ten percent from 2019, so ninety percent of organizations that don’t use professional services’ assistance for cloud infrastructure as a service and migrations for more agility and efficiency, ninety percent of those organizations have challenges in doing that. And then, ninety-percent of Fortune 100 companies use a partner to leverage AWS services. So, if you look at some of those trends, right, and we say, what are larger companies doing that perhaps have more resources and better insights – can afford the Gartner analysis-type vision? They’re leveraging partners to do this.

Cyber hygiene: what is it and why do you need it?


Max Clark talks with Open System’s Sr. Director of Product Management Threat Response, Dave Martin, and Head of Sales Engineering North America, Roman Jeitziner. Dave and Roman provide an in-depth discussion on what cyber hygiene and security are, how they can make life easier, and how to balance priorities when investing in security. Episode Transcript: […]

Choosing a Voice Technology Strategy for the Modern Enterprise

With so many collaboration tools and communication formats available, enterprise IT wonders where voice technology fits.

As the enterprise embraces team collaboration tools that offer benefits like scalability and streamlined decision-making, the setting for choosing voice technology has become more complicated. Traditional phone calls, despite an overall decline, aren’t expected to go away. Instead, voice technology faces a sort of pressure from other communication formats that often rely on voice enabling […]

Tech in 20 Minutes Ep. 9: Meredith Caram, Intrado

In this episode, Max Clark talks with Meredith Caram, Intrado’s VP of Global Distribution, Insights, and Growth. Meredith offers insights into how Intrado’s technology provides mission-critical communication solutions and how Intrado enables remote work and employee wellness across its portfolio.

Tech in 20 Minutes Ep. 8: William Rubio, CallTower


In this episode, Max Clark talks with CallTower’s Chief Revenue Officer, William Rubio. William offers insight into the simplicity of CallTower’s offering and how it delivers unified communications and collaboration solutions with key UCaaS integrations. In addition, Max and William discuss CallTower’s COVID-19 Response Program and how they have supported their customers during the global pandemic.

Tech in 20 Minutes Ep. 7: Steve Forcum, Avaya

unified communications

In this episode, Max Clark talks with Steve Forcum, a technologist at Avaya on Avaya’s partnership with RingCentral, and how their offering has evolved to support their clients during and post-pandemic.