How SD-WAN Benefits UCaaS

SD-WAN assists with UCaaS quality by offering traffic prioritization for voice and video calls.

As contracts come up for renewal, enterprises are evaluating new communications technology and finding that unified communications as a service (UCaaS) provides the advantages necessary in terms of scalability and cost. It also offers unique features that encourage collaboration and faster decision-making, boosting overall productivity. When the solution is implemented without the control and visibility […]

Mobile Data Security: Today’s Top Data Threat

Educating the workforce on current threats will bolster your approach to mobile data security.

When surveying your workplace for security risks, mobile devices have to be among the most concerning. Hackers are working their way around traditional mobile data security, requiring organizations to step up their security planning. Rethinking the approach to mobile data security should include strengthening best practices, such as backing up data more regularly. This can […]

Why Is Everyone Talking About SD-WAN Security?

The SD-WAN security market is booming, and with the right configuration, the risk is reduced.

Nobody wants to compromise security, but most business leaders are also focused on keeping the workflow without interruption. It falls on IT decision-makers to bring in solutions that will keep a network running seamlessly without sacrificing security. What they’re finding is that software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) security is becoming a solution that fits the […]

Reaping the Benefits of Cloud File Sharing

Enterprises are finding that cloud file sharing offers streamlined decision-making, improved productivity and the benefit of a single source of information. Many consider it far superior to using a USB drive or other type of method for sharing a file. Take a look at a few of the key benefits: Stakeholders Can Access the File […]

IoT and Cyber Security: Measuring the Threats

Improved IoT and cyber security strategies can prevent subtle, but damaging attacks.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, so much so that it’s estimated that IoT data output is around 2.5 quintillion bytes every day. That’s a lot of data, which means IoT and cyber security should be a top consideration. Small Openings Not all the data involved in […]

SIP Trunking Supports Emerging Cloud Communication Technology

New communications tools and features will cause enterprises to carefully construct their SIP trunking strategies.

New communication styles dominate the workplace, replacing technology from even just a few years ago with new cloud solutions. Employees access a variety of communication formats through a single app, allowing them to choose whether to connect via chat, videoconferencing, group messaging and shared workspaces. session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking is allowing for new features […]

How Multi-Cloud Environments Are Supported by SD-WAN

Multi-cloud is best supported by SD-WAN when it comes to the networking approach.

As the great cloud migration has demonstrated, many enterprises have found that no single strategy meets all of their technology needs. It’s common for an enterprise to invest in some public cloud solutions while also maintaining some on-premises systems and private cloud for some other workloads. A multi-cloud environment often helps an enterprise hit the […]

Get the Most out of Your Multi-Cloud Migration

A multi-cloud migration shouldn’t be patched together by individual teams choosing solutions.

As line-of-business managers push your development team for quick adoption of cloud solutions, the result can be a mash of different providers, platforms and applications that bear no resemblance to the type of strategic cloud adoption process that enterprise IT may prefer. Your multi-cloud migration strategy should be a carefully-executed plan in order to produce […]

What’s Hot in Data and Analytics Trends This Year

From embedding intelligence in business applications to utilizing AI, data and analytics trends are changing.

We’re in an age of digital disruption. It’s disrupting some enterprises in a good way, but those who are less prepared aren’t realizing a very smooth transition. Stepping away from a siloed data analytics mindset and checking in to new data and analytics trends can be a great start to managing the disruption in a […]

Disaster Recovery Strategies Need to Account for Risk

Old disaster recovery solutions might not be up to the task in today’s cloud-heavy environment.

If you’ve taken on more and more cloud-based solutions during the last few years, you might want to take a look at your disaster recovery strategy, because it’s highly possible that what was designed for your in-house processes isn’t providing the safety you require in the cloud. For example, if you read your contract with […]