Dispelling Three Common Cloud Myths

Dispelling cloud myths helps enterprises move forward and capture the cost-saving benefits of cloud solutions.

Enterprises are achieving new levels of innovation and productivity thanks to the benefits of cloud solutions. From reduced costs to increased agility and scalability, implementing cloud solutions allows companies to improve the customer experience and disrupt their business processes. Unfortunately, despite clear advantages to migration, cloud myths persist surrounding a few key areas: The cloud […]

Managing Last-Mile SD-WAN Performance

Global SD-WAN requires a different management approach than local networks for high performance levels.

The adoption of software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) gives enterprises more agility and flexibility, as well as increased security for managing a network handling cloud solutions. Unlike a local network, where there is complete control over the design, global SD-WAN introduces new challenges. Managing the middle-mile and backbone performance and managing the last-mile may require […]

Why Cloud Transformation Stalls

Cloud transformation can stall out when employees don’t have the right training.

All over the world, enterprises are embarking on cloud transformation. They have visions of reduced costs, scalability and an improved customer experience, continuously made even better because of the agility that comes with the cloud. All too often, these expectations are flooded with the cold reality of teams unprepared for the migration. That cold reality […]

Utilizing the Edge for Connected Devices

Use edge computing to process data closer to where connected devices are operating.

The use of the Internet of Things (IoT) to create new levels of productivity and efficiency is exploding, particularly in healthcare settings. These connected devices can do everything from monitoring a patient’s heart rate to determining the perfect timing for adding a particular ingredient in a bread factory. While the sensors in connected devices allow […]

Taking the Complexity Out of Multi-Cloud Security

Gaining more visibility into your multi-cloud security platforms can keep you at a lower risk level.

When a data breach occurs, it’s not uncommon for the security team and leadership to panic as they jump into action to curb damage, block the intruder and find out how they got in. As the multi-cloud environment continues to ramp up, there is a renewed call for multi-cloud security. Complexity is the key word […]

Achieving Application-Aware SD-WAN

Application-aware SD-WAN is the path to performance improvement for the enterprise network.

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) has been increasingly deployed among enterprises adopting cloud solutions and other technology that produces new complexities for the network. While it offers better control and visibility, as well as the ability to automatically route network traffic based on software requirements, many enterprises also expect improved performance. Optimized performance with SD-WAN […]

Cloud Security Risk Factors to Watch

Don’t be a cloud security victim — protect yourself today.

If recent cyber attacks on businesses have been any indication, it doesn’t matter what size you are — if you have any attachment to cloud computing, you’re at risk. Cloud security has become a focal point of conversation. Don’t make the same mistake that led to the downfall of others. Consider the following common foibles […]

Tips on Planning Your Digital Transformation

Find the pain points in digital transformation and encounter no surprises.

The world is getting “smarter,” technologically speaking. Paper has been in use for more than 2,000 years, and in the past decade, more and more businesses have finally found the means by which to go paperless. It’s through digital transformation that this is possible. Aside from saving money on paper and toner because there are […]

Securing Your Hybrid Cloud Environment

Consider these three steps for securing your hybrid cloud environment.

While the push to migrate to the cloud has not lost momentum, enterprises often find that a hybrid solution provides the right mix for incorporating on-site legacy systems with public and private cloud. This approach is highly customizable, but a hybrid cloud solution also tends to be more complex, and the challenge of securing it […]

Four Questions You Should Ask a Potential SD-WAN Provider

Don’t settle on an SD-WAN provider before asking a few key questions.

Networks are becoming more complex due to cloud technology and a flood of additional endpoints to secure, and more enterprises are turning to software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN). This approach to network management provides a virtual overlay for the physical network infrastructure that allows more visibility and control for configuration and troubleshooting. SD-WAN also provides […]