Backups, Backups, Backups! How to Backup Your Data Simply and Successfully


Raise your hand if you’ve ever had data loss! Have you ever a toddler delete all the photos off your phone? Have you ever dropped a laptop off the table and shattered it into a billion pieces? There’s lots of things that can happen to you that cause data loss. What you need is you need a good backup.

Redundancy = N + WHAT?!?

Redundancy introduces complexity, so as you add more and more and more devices to your environment that have to fail over and have high availability and have to dynamically reconfigure themselves or whatever else needs to happen for this redundancy, it adds a lot of complexity to your environment.

Global Business: How Do You Interconnect Your Multiple Locations?

No matter where you are on the planet, unless you are on the exact same network, your users talking to your infrastructure on the exact same network, your networks have to interconnect with each other. They interconnect with each other at an access point, a network exchange point, an interjection point, a peering point, whatever you want to call it. And those networks actually talk to each other.

Does Your Business have Shadow IT? You probably do… How do you find it?

How does a “FREE” application turn into a $150K+ yearly expense? If your IT Department doesn’t know it exists, your IT Department can’t manage it, they can monitor it they can’t make sure it’s secure, they can’t track vulnerabilities against it… They can’t do all the things that your IT Department needs to do for you.

What should you look for before signing an IT contract?


Is your lawyer negotiating the right things for you in your contract? Before you sign an agreement, you need to check these three things to make sure that you’re protected and you have the best deal.  At we know what’s at stake when you sign an IT contract. So I want to share the […]

Tech in 20 Minutes Ep. 8: William Rubio, CallTower


In this episode, Max Clark talks with CallTower’s Chief Revenue Officer, William Rubio. William offers insight into the simplicity of CallTower’s offering and how it delivers unified communications and collaboration solutions with key UCaaS integrations. In addition, Max and William discuss CallTower’s COVID-19 Response Program and how they have supported their customers during the global pandemic.

Tech in 20 Minutes Ep. 7: Steve Forcum, Avaya

unified communications

In this episode, Max Clark talks with Steve Forcum, a technologist at Avaya on Avaya’s partnership with RingCentral, and how their offering has evolved to support their clients during and post-pandemic.

Tech in 20 Minutes Ep. 5: John Hogan, Bigleaf Networks


Have you ever experienced lagging on a Zoom session or choppiness on a VoIP phone call? Bigleaf Networks was founded to solve site to cloud connectivity challenges. On today’s podcast, Max Clark talks with Bigleaf Network’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development about Cloud connectivity and Internet performance.

Five IT Strategies for Business Agility

Business agility gets a boost through a hybrid cloud environment that pairs cost savings and innovation.

It’s easy to see the connection between success and agility in sports. Those that can quickly respond and adapt to unexpected opportunities quickly pull ahead of their competitors. Business agility plays the same role, and, in an environment where customer experience is everything, enterprises need clear strategies for pulling ahead of the competition. Responding quickly […]