DNS Providers Offer Assistance in Forming Content Delivery Plans

DNS providers help create a plan to make moving large files more efficient through content delivery networks.

The increasing popularity of video and ongoing need for the efficient transmission of images and other large files call for a solid strategy for content delivery. Content delivery networks are a good solution, and creating a plan for using them is often enhanced by the contribution of domain name system (DNS) providers.

First, consider the benefits of utilizing a content delivery network:

A content delivery network aids in distributing large files in a geographically diverse situation. If your users are dispersed around the country or globe, utilizing HTML files of JavaScript at your location in Arizona may deliver the content in a reasonable amount of time. A content delivery network can speed up the transmission of large files, reducing the time to select and retrieve the content from your location.

Performance is also enhanced using a content delivery network. If users in Los Angeles are accessing images from your Los Angeles location, then you may have little motivation to invest in a content delivery network. If you’re losing website visitors because users in Tulsa can’t access content quickly enough, it may be worth the investment to improve performance and the experience of those users.

A content delivery network is ideal for industries or companies where bursting is a common occurrence. A content delivery network has the ability to flex with varying levels of activity and handle bursting better than any origin infrastructure.

Content delivery networks serve as an SSL termination point. A good content delivery network can handle some of the communication necessary for setting up SSL-encrypted connections, a benefit that is becoming more important with the increase in security issues. This allows some of that processing to be offloaded from the application infrastructure.

How a DNS provider can help with content delivery. During the initial consideration of a DNS provider, it’s important to include content delivery as part of the conversation. How does the DNS provider handle traffic? Some DNS providers will direct traffic across multiple content delivery networks in order to optimize performance in a market with high demand or to optimize cost. A DNS provider can help with developing the right strategy for content delivery, whether that includes prioritization of automation and small-object delivery or a high-bandwidth application.

At Clarksys, we take the time to understand your business processes before using our proprietary knowledge to engineer the best solution for your organization. Contact us to learn more about content delivery networks and creating the right plan for your enterprise.

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