Six Key Steps to Include in Your Data Breach Planning

A multi-pronged approach and robust strategy for data breach planning are key.

You may think you have done everything you possibly can to avoid a data breach, but then it happens. Are you prepared? If you aren’t, you could experience more than just losses related to revenue.

A data breach could affect your organization’s reputation, particularly if client data is lost or services halted. Your clients could lose trust and start shopping elsewhere. That is just one reason why thinking about the worst and planning for it now is important.

The most robust incident responses include the following:

·       Planning
This involves drawing up security policies and developing a way to apply them in the event of a data breach. This is where your immediate response to a breach will be planned and where you’ll figure out who will spring into action as part of a response team.

·       Finding the Cause
It’s much easier to lessen the scope of the damage if you can get to the root of the problem and shut it down, fast. Digging into log files while using the right monitoring tools can be valuable here as you prepare for every situation. The less time it takes, the better off you’ll be.

·       Ebbing the Flow of Damage
Who will gather the intelligence needed to stop what’s threatening your system from collapsing? The goal should be to establish a plan that contains the problem while getting a backup system going.

·       Purging the Threat
It’s important to rid your system of what’s threatening it, and protocols developed now will expedite that process later. Did you lose data? Have you created a backup system to recover it? These are important questions to address now to prevent extended downtime.

·       Seamless Recovery
Getting back on your feet quickly is important. All systems must be back up and running normally while being closely monitored to ensure everything is properly functioning. Looking at various dependency issues is also crucial.

·       Taking Stock of the Situation
Allow time for a follow-up session with your team to ascertain how your strategy worked and what improvements can be made.

At Clarksys, we know how to implement IT strategies to assist in mitigating issues related to data breach. Whether your footprint is local, regional, or global, our solutions will cater to scale with your growth. Contact us today to find out more.

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