How Unified Communications Improves the Customer Experience

Unified communications improves the customer experience, from reaching a service rep to accessing customer history.

Encouraging your customers to communicate with you is one of the best ways to understand how to reach your target audience, improving satisfaction and growing sales. Implementing a unified communications solution is a great way to improve your customers’ satisfaction and encourage them to freely provide feedback.

A good starting place is an evaluation of the types of communication that will best serve your target market. For instance, a B2B technology company that caters to startups will have a significantly different communications format mix when compared to a healthcare corporation that primarily serves older segments of the population. It’s also good to consider how your company will grow, and how certain changes, such as an increase in remote virtual team members, could impact your communications needs.

Once you’ve identified your communications needs, you’ll want to consider implementing a cloud unified communications solution for the following reasons:

Flexibility and scalability: Cloud unified communications provides the flexibility you need to provide excellent customer service. Your communications apps will integrate well with your other tools, allowing you to access the information you need to solve a customer’s problem or answer a question. In addition, scalability inherent in the cloud model makes it possible to add on only the number of users you need at any given moment, helping you keep costs reasonable.

Scalability is particularly important for companies for whom seasonality is an issue. Whether it’s a Saturday during the holidays or a random Tuesday in June, communications for a retail outlet will retain the same level of quality and accessibility for customers.

Efficiency: One of the key benefits of cloud unified communications is the ability to access a single app for all communication formats. For example, if a customer emailed, then called, plus engaged in chat, with each instance involving a different customer service representative, you can still view the entire history of interactions through a single application.

A broader reach: Unified communications offers you the opportunity to reach more customers, because there are more options for customers’ preferences. A customer that wants to schedule a routine equipment maintenance appointment might do so through an automated scheduling tool on your website, while they may prefer to speak personally to someone when scheduling a meeting to talk about a new equipment investment. Unified communications offer customers a broad range of options for connecting with you.

At Clarksys, we learn how you work, then leverage our proprietary knowledge and expertise to engineer the best solution so you can achieve greatness in customer service.

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